Manager of Events and Special Projects

Chicago, IL
Catholic Church Extension Society


Catholic Extension is a national organization committed to being an important part of a growing U.S. Catholic Church, which enables Catholics of all generations and ethnicities to help grow and strengthen the faith in under-resourced mission dioceses to foster excellence in church life and propel the Church forward to a strong, vibrant future.

• Catholic Extension becomes a committed partner in these communities by investing in their people, ministries and infrastructure.   We provide support based on need, passion and commitment to the growth of the Catholic faith.

• Catholic Extension builds communities of faith in order to transform those communities.  We not only help grow the Catholic faith, we contribute to an excellent church experience.

• Catholic Extension is effective and strategic in its approach.  We work with top leaders in these dioceses to provide impactful solutions that help ignite positive change.  

Since 1905, Catholic Extension has distributed more than $500 million to build strong communities of faith, so that Catholics in these areas have the tools to inspire hope and ignite change.   Activities and programs supported include: subsidies for church leaders doing pastoral and social ministry; support for college campus ministry and youth outreach; construction and renovation of churches and facilities; and funding for the education of lay and ordained leaders. 

Catholic Extension has approximately 30,000 active donors, an annual budget of approximately $30 million and a staff of 40 employees based in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and Naples, Florida. All of the gifts that Catholic Extension receives to support the organization and its mission come from private donations from individuals and foundations.

Leadership and Philanthropy at Catholic Extension

The Holy See appointed Father Jack Wall as President of Catholic Extension in March 2007. In Chicago, Father Wall is best known for having successfully revitalized Old St. Patrick’s Church, which grew exponentially during his 25 year tenure as pastor. Father Wall brings a similar and energetic approach to his role of raising awareness of and resources for the 90-plus mission dioceses served by Catholic Extension in the United States.   His visionary and inviting approach has been instrumental in establishing the healthy culture of philanthropy at Catholic Extension. With more than 60 million Catholics living in the United States, there is significant donor interest in Catholic Extension and the organization sees much opportunity.

Catholic Extension’s philanthropy department currently raises $25 million annually from diverse fundraising activities, and this number continues to grow.  Fundraising ranges from large-scale direct mail to strategic major and planned gift conversations that result in six and seven figure commitments tied to the highest funding priorities.  Additionally, each year, Catholic Extension plans and executes 15-20 events, which are essential to achievement of its fundraising objectives.  These events, which are held locally and in other parts of the country, range from small major gift cultivation activities to complex signature events that involve much advance planning and attendees of several hundred or more. 

Manager of Events and Special Projects

Based in Chicago and reporting to the Senior Director of Development, the Manager of Events and Special Projects is an integral member of Catholic Extension’s 15-member fundraising team.  The Manager serves as the organization’s in-house event expert, responsible for all logistics, from planning through successful execution.  The Manager ensures that events are aligned with a particular strategy, achieve the goal(s) set for them, and are executed with precision.  As a constituency-focused organization, Catholic Extension places high priority on seeing that through its events the needs of attendees, friends and donors are met.

Responsibility of the Manager of Events and Special Projects is to:

• Manage all fundraising and friend raising events for Catholic Extension.  Includes overseeing budget, scheduling, venue selection and accommodations, catering, theme, communications, collateral materials, and follow up.  Adequately staff and manage, as well as coordinate internally to ensure events run smoothly.

• Collaborate with the Board of Governors, President, Chief Operating Officer, senior management, staff members, partners and constituents to coordinate guest lists and programs for events.

• Coordinate design, content, printing and mailing of invitations.  Determine and carry out appropriate follow up for guests and stewardship for event hosts. 

• Manage reservations, track responses, and record highlights from completed events in Catholic Extension’s centralized national database, Raiser’s Edge. 

• Work closely with vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods, payment terms and other logistical matters.

• Participate in review and assessment of completed events to support continual improvement over time.

• Provide leadership and assistance to department staff and other organizational managers.

• Be a role model for integrity, fiscal responsibility, ethical behavior and managerial excellence that supports the mission of Catholic Extension.

• Support the mission and values of Catholic Extension.

Apply Now: 

Catholic Extension offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. To inquire about this opportunity, please send cover letter and resume to the attention of Margie DeVine, president of the nonprofit fundraising and executive search firm DeVine Consulting, located in Chicago, Illinois.