Director of Accounting

Hillside, IL
Association for Child Development

The Director of Accounting shall have overall financial responsibility for ACD, subject to supervisory administration by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

• Supervise and train the ACD accounting staff ensuring that all job duties are completed accurately and in a timely manner.

• Upon request, provide oversight and guidance to all payroll related functions at ACD. This includes tasks and responsibilities related to ACD employee benefits and any upgrades necessary to the automated payroll system.

• Prepare and maintain, all financial records in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and all government regulations applying to the CACFP, in a timely manner as follows:

1. Schedule and facilitate ACD monthly internal financial review meeting.

2. Review bi-weekly payroll reports.

3. Prepare monthly and quarterly tax payments and returns.

4. Prepare non-routine financial statements and other financial related matters,   

    as requested

5. Prepare monthly general ledger account reconciliations.

6. Prepare year-end general ledger account reconciliations.

• Maintain an internal control structure which satisfies the requirements found in GAAP’s Yellow Book as amended by OMB Circular A -- 133

• Provide financial management guidance of the CACFP program pursuant to FNS Instruction 796-2 Manual.

• Prepare cash flow charts and maintain cash accounts as follows:

1. Keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements by source.

2. Disburse funds of ACD only with proper vouchers.

3. Transfer funds to and within financial institutions contracted with ACD or responsible for any aspect of ACD

    fiscal issues or CACFP funds.

4. Oversee and approve monthly completion of all bank, asset and liability reconciliations. 

• Ensure that all purchasing activity follows procurement standards which are in compliance with CACFP 796-2 regulations, Attachment O of OMB Circular A-102 and A-110, and any requirements which may be established by the Michigan and/or Illinois State Agency.

• Assist with the establishment and maintenance of computer programs which best meet the Association’s fiscal needs and in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and CACFP rules and regulations.

• Coordinate current audits and assist in the resolution of outstanding audits as directed by the CEO.

• Perform internal audits as requested by the CEO to determine fiscal integrity of financial transactions, expenditures, employee expenses, reports, and fiscal integrity of program matters.

• Establish necessary accounting procedures, in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, in a manual for Association management staff.

• Train, as needed, ACD management staff in accounting procedures and monitor that the procedures are followed.

• Conduct performance evaluations of support staff on employee’s 90 day and annual anniversary date of hire.

• Participate in establishing and monitoring of staff mentoring program and/or interns as applicable within the Accounting Department.

• Preparation of various compliance tax returns and necessary correspondence with regulatory agencies.

• Maintain a schedule of deadlines for reports, licenses, 990, cost allocation plan, grants, reports, meetings, etc.

• Monitor internal control structure, procedures, and separation of duties within the Accounting Department.

• Participate in strategic planning for the Association.

• Coordinate the assembly of annual budgets and budget revisions of ACD operations, providing financial, managerial and accounting advice to all department heads, as required.

• Assigned responsibility and oversight of special projects or program initiatives (e.g., implementation of day and adult care center sponsorship in Illinois and Michigan), as required.

• All other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Position is part-time, 30 hours per week.

Salary is $28 - $30 per hour, based upon experience.

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