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Houston, TX
Lemonade Day


A nationwide program, Lemonade Day, is the brainchild of American entrepreneur and Prepared 4 Life founder, Michael Holthouse, and is offered as a fun, free, experiential learning program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate their own business, a Lemonade Stand. Infused with life skills, character education and the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship, Lemonade Day is sweeping across the country.

Over the next two years, Lemonade Day will bring this entrepreneurial experience to 1 million youth in 100 cities across America, sparking entrepreneurship in a way that’s not been done to scale anywhere. The foremost objective is to empower youth to take ownership of their own lives and become happy, healthy and productive members of society – the business leaders, social advocates, volunteers, and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow.

Organizationally speaking, Lemonade Day operates as a franchise model. There is a national office located in Houston, TX, with multiple licensed cities across the US and Canada, while the Houston organization is a wholly owned subsidiary.

Lemonade Day has been growing steadily and is now seeking to dramatically accelerate growth, ensuring that the organization can scale and meet our national goals. We have recently entered into a partnership with Google for the next two years. Utilizing the power of Google’s tools, expertise and financial support, we will create an engaging mobile and web experience that is a game changer in our efforts to bring this program to scale.


The BOD and President are looking for a mission-focused, seasoned, strategic, and process minded leader with experience scaling an organization, leading a national support and expansion team, and developing a performance culture among a group of diverse, talented individuals.

The Chief Operations Officer must be a leader who is able to help others at Lemonade Day deliver measurable, cost-effective results that make the vision a reality. Importantly, the successful COO will have the management skills, sensitivity, and personal confidence to tap into the power that each member of the team brings to this mission. The COO will forge a strong working relationship with the President and free up the President to focus on external matters such as fundraising, public relations and partnerships. While it is essential that the COO bring efficient and effective systems to increase the productivity and operational integrity of the organization, it is also critical that the team retain the creative spark that drives the Lemonade Day concept.


Reporting to the President of Lemonade Day, the COO will lead all internal operations and will have the following responsibilities:

  • Working in partnership with the Founder and President, create the strategic 3-year plan and implement new processes, best practices, training and approaches to achieve it
  • Serve as the internal leader of the organization
    • Manage the organization’s daily operations, enhance internal processes and manage others to desired outcomes to help the nonprofit grow and fulfill its mission
    • Coordinate the annual operations plan and budget
    • Lead the performance process that measures and evaluates progress against goals for the organization
    • Establish and maintain an organizational culture that encourages collaboration and communication among staff;  bridge city and national communication and operations
  • Lead, empower, manage and hold accountable the organization’s national support team who have the following responsibilities.
    • City Expansion, Support and Growth
      • Review and cultivate a successful franchise model
      • Build and nurture local growth infrastructures within LD cities
      •   Motivate and guide cities in raising sufficient local revenue to cover local costs & license fees
      • Implement new initiatives
      • Communicate and ensure consistency of the LD branded message  
      • Coordinate dissemination  of printed and technology-based materials
      • Provide quality support and customer service as outlined in licensing agreements
      • Oversee the development of effective training methods and tools including best practices
    • Programs
      • Identify, collect, evaluate and report on  key impact measurements
      • Ensure that all cities renew their license
      • Ensure that programmatic partners deliver quality program and have clear understanding of qualitative measurement requirements
      • Standardize tools, systems and processes to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and produce best results
      • Develop curriculum, tools and training within cost guidelines to support the delivery of a high quality program
    • Finance, Technology and HR
      • Implement a balanced scorecard metric throughout the organization
      • Promote organizational integrity by incorporating  the values of Lemonade Day within the organization
      • Instill a human capital development and feedback culture within Lemonade Day; upgrade HR functions including training, development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, goal setting, performance evaluation and recruiting
      • Identify and oversee the implementation and use of a data base, web support systems and tools
      • Analyze the current technology infrastructure and scope out the next level of information technology system that support the growth of specific programs (such as the app) and the organization overall
    • Fund Raising/ Support Systems
      • Assist in drafting, monitoring and evaluating the budget
      • Develop and implement systems for reporting, measurement, and national revenue generation
      • Guide administrative aspects including proposal generation and grant writing
    • Periodically work with the national BOD
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Help Us Make History

We believe every child in America should do a lemonade stand. Understanding how to start a business is the first important step in helping youth to achieve their own American Dream. Lemonade Day is leading a movement!

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