Business Office Manager

West Rogers Park - Chicago, IL
Bucktown Recycling
  1. Leadership
    1. Communicate with family members and lead the business forward.
    2. Create and facilitate teambuilding.
    3. Oversee progress and accountability of all employees, make sure all employees know their assignments and goals and are on task.
  2. Computer system.
    1. Purchase complete scrap metal manager (SMM) software and hardware to support it.
    2. Set up software so that names used to buy and sell materials match.
    3. Continue communication with SMM to make sure that we implement full use of software program, including documentation and analysis of upgrading/processing of materials.
    4. Make sure customer info is being accurately entered into the database.
    5. Logins for each employee with ability to track entries.
  3. Accountant/bookkeeper.
    1. Start new QuickBooks/bookkeeping software with new chart of accounts etc.
    2. Payroll should be job designated for the purpose of job cost analysis (as much as possible)
    3. No cash, every single transaction gets recorded.
    4. Not a penny goes out for non business use.
  4. Marketing and Sales department.
    1. Make sure Betzalel is back on board in full force maximizing everything he started and is doing online.
    2. Manage whoever is doing follow up calls on Betzalel leads.
    3. Set goals and track progress.
    4. Set up sale of valuable products on ebay craigslist.
  5. Warehouse/Foreman
    1. New scale person!
    2. Determine and implement the best way to organize warehouse and flow of material. Plan should be based on:
      1. Ability to accurately track materials at every stage.
      2. Efficiency getting materials out of the door.
      3. Separate designated area for valuable items to be sold on ebay / craigslist.
    3. Set up hardware for SMM throughout warehouse.
    4. Implement use of program throughout warehouse.
    5. Set and track quotas for upgrading/processing materials.
    6. Clean up back office for use (computer internet etc)
    7. Organize tools efficiently.
    8. Video and security system.
  6. Truck situation.
    1. Make sure we have necessary personnel and equipment.
    2. Organize schedule of shipments based on:
      1. Cashflow needs.
      2. Profit margins.
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