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As I mentioned, my Father-in-Law, at the age of 93, is planning on retiring and is looking for someone with EE skills to take over the support of the devices he invented and sells. His company is Wayne Engineering is specializes in building devices for vision training. The customer base are optometrists, OT's, sports therapists, and coaches. He has been in business for over 30 years and his key desire now, is to be able to retire AND ensure that his customers can continue to receive support.

You will see many devices on his web site, but the one that he is most concerned about providing ongoing support for is the saccatic fixator. Based on past history, 2-3 of these are returned each month for repairs. My father-in-law says that repairs take anywhere from 30-45 min and he changes $500 plus shipping. The reason he wants to find an EE to do this work is that there are different versions of the device and also many different add-ons, so even though my father-in-law will train the person, it is possible that they could see something down the pike that they will have to reverse engineer themselves. You can learn more about the devices at www.wayneengineering.com.

If people are interested, please email me at mark@bromberg.net