Arevim Entrepreneurship Program

Areivim Chicago

Have you launched your new business, or are you ready to?

About Arevim Entrepreneurship Center 

By helping small businesses launch, expand and improve their profitability, we’re also helping them create jobs in the Chicago area.  This helps everyone. That is why we offer support and educational training programs for all entrepreneurs, even home-based businesses.*

We provide one-on-one business advice at no charge for existing and start-up small businesses. We offer entrepreneurial training, business assistance, and mentoring.

*Eligibility requirements will apply.


Developing A Business Plan

While there are many business plan templates available, these are the two we use most often.  We encourage you to look at these and use them to guide you as you prepare your written business plan. 

Click here for the Business Plan Template – Narrative

Click here for the Business Plan Template – Cash Flow


Intake Form

Please answer the questions the best you can.  There are some questions which you might not know the answer to or some that are not relevant - you can leave them blank.